A 3G photo frame with an Email address

In addition to the website and mobile app, Familink lets you create an email address dedicated to your picture frame, making it even simpler to share! Familink, a 3G picture frame with its own email address! Familink allows you to share your photos easily and securely with your loved ones using our web interface or[…]

Familink cadre photo connecté 3G pour les personnes âgées

Familink – The Ultimate in Simplicity

Familink is a 3G picture frame designed with seniors in mind, and all those who don’t have internet or don’t want to use it. It’s useful to everyone, regardless of age, thanks to its incredible simplicity. Familink was designed to be used by everyone, even those who have never touched a computer. The only thing[…]

Familink Couverture 3G

Familink 3G photo frame coverage

What is Familink photo frame 3G coverage ? Familink photo frame use an included 3G SIM card to receive pictures sent by relatives. What about 3G coverage? Familink Devices come with an international 3G SIM card. This SIM card can work with several mobile providers (>350) worldwide. This means that the Familink Devices can connect to[…]

Familink cadre photo connecté 3G pour les personnes âgées

Familink. Why use a 3G photo frame?

Familink is the first 3G photo frame dedicated for the older generation. What exactly does that mean and why is it different from other connected photo frame? The connection is made through cellular 3G with a dedicated SIM card included. Thererefore this photoframe can work anywhere, without any connection wire. It will connect automatically to[…]